Carla Ricci Films

One Day...The Story of a Storm

Nominated for a an Emmy 2015 for Outstanding Cultural/ Historical Program…a story of how hurricanes can affect all of us, even decades after they happen.....and how Providence has positioned itself as one of the few American coastal cities that can actually protect itself from future hurricanes. As shown on RI PBS and Rhode Island International Film Fest (RIIFF).

Carolina, Rhode Island; The Story of a New England Mill Town

A preview to a feature length film. As shown on RI PBS and at RIIFF and taught at the University of Rhode Island (URI) . The story of how the challenges of the world can play themselves out f out in even the most out of the way and small places......and how dreams can make life better.

Carolina - Part 1: Creating a Dream

As seen on RI PBS and shown at RIIFF and taught at URI.

Carolina - Part 2: On Keeping a Dream Alive

As seen on RI PBS and shown at RIIFF and taught at URI.

Keeper of the Fishes

As shown on RIPBS and RIIFF.

George Goulart is known as the "Fish Doctor." He understands them and makes sure to educate his customers on how to give fish the best lives possible. He has 100,000 followers on the internet. George proves day in and day out, that he is..."The Keeper of the Fishes".

Posy Wiggins Paul Cuffee and Justice: to be released soon

The struggle for civil rights in Providence, RI and one special woman's role in it. Think cross burning happened only in the south? Think again.This is a story of a woman who spent 50 years unknowingly getting ready for a challenge and then took it on, in her own special way and helped all of us who care about racial justice as she did so.

La Gondola - The Providence Story

The story of a young man who found his way to running a gondola business in downtown Providence. As shown in the Iguana/Prata Sanita films festival in Italy and on RI PBS


As shown at the Providence Children's Film Fest, the Vasundhara Film Fest in a 20 city run in India and RI PBS .


As shown on PBS RI, RIIFF, and the Vasundhara Film Fest in India.

Michael Gloor creates art from things a lot of us throw away, or burn up in our fireplaces. The final products are natural and unique. Check out a behind the scenes look at what happens to a large chunk of wood in his hands.

A Better Way

As shown on PBS RI, and Vasundhara Film Festival in India.

A short film on how to work with something bigger and stronger than you are....Mike Windsor is a horse trainer who uses the principles of Buddism to create a good working relationship with his horses, and in doing so he changed his own life.

Janice Lee Kelly Balloon Sculptor

As shown on PBS RI and RIIFF, and segments shown in Japan, and the Jamestown Art Center where it tied for first by the viewers: " Fabulous. Just plain fun !"

So, what do you do when in 2008 you need a new line of work ? Janice Lee Kelly took a look at her love of balloons and made special things happen.